CCTV offers you the ultimate peace of mind and security for your premises. It gives you the opportunity to monitor your business from afar, watching through your laptop.

Infinity Networks offer site surveys, completely bespoke systems, schematic diagrams, installation (to approved safety standards) and obviously the ongoing maintenance.

The unfortunate increase in crime has been paralleled by an increase in the number of CCTV installations and today we are all accustomed to seeing them in our public streets and on buildings, both commercial and residential.

Their role as a deterrent almost overshadows their role as a monitoring tool and we can offer CCTV systems linked to a lap top or PC to give any business or home owner peace of mind. Naturally with today’s technology it is now possible to view live feeds on your computer of your home or office from anywhere in the world. This is the concept of remote video surveillance.

From a business perspective this is an ideal tool for companies with remote sites. The external perimeters of the sites are protected with detection devices which activate should an intruder pass into their range. These devices are linked to the CCTV cameras which will transmit pictures via ADSL to a specified central receiving station.

Such systems are an enormous help to the police and also avoid the unnecessary attendance at false alarms.

Further modifications to a CCTV system include the ability to control lighting, electric gates or barriers, and to transmit voice data to the remote premises.

Infinity Networks offers a full range of CCTV systems from single camera installations to multi-level surveillance and remote management systems.

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