Even in the 21st century Infinity Networks appreciates that businesses do not solely rely on data transmission and therefore we place the same level of importance and service on your voice cabling and telecommunications infrastructure.

We recognise your need to tailor make this solution and welcome you to contact one of our project managers to discuss and plan your exact requirements further.

We offer a full range of multicore telephone cables from internal to external and the more specialist cables. Our 16 to 24 way panels can be configured to run standard analogue, digital or ISDN. Call us today!

The most exciting development in telecommunications is Voice Over IP (VOIP). Put simply, this is the technology used to transmit voice conversations over a data network using the Internet Protocol (IP). This data network can be either the internet or a corporate intranet.

We strongly recommend that businesses sign up to this data feature to enjoy substantial savings on line rentals, network features and most importantly, call charges. Call us today to start saving.

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